How do I get additional instructors on my course?

From within your module, click on the "Users and Groups" link from within the Control Panel:

Select "Users" from the list of options:

From this page, click on the "Enrol User" option and select "Find User to enrol":

The following screen allows you to choose your users:

1) If you know the instructor's username then key it in. Alternatively, click on the browse button and search.
2) Choose the role you wish to allocate (eg. student, instructor, observer etc)
3) Enrolment availability allows you to decide whether or not the new user will have the rights to enrol others onto the course.
Click on submit.

If you encounter any problems trying to enrol a member of staff please contact the SALT Team

Please note that if you want to add a member of staff who does not have a blackboard account, then you will need to contact the SALT Team giving their username, their email address and Module ID;Codes of any modules that they need access to.

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