How do I link from one place in my course module to another (e.g. from Announcements to a document)?

There are two methods available, one is to add a Course Link, while the other is to add an Internal Link.

1.  Creating a Course Link:

The Blackboard Course Link option allows a link to be created between objects in one part of the course and another.

From within your module (and in the area you wish to link TO), click on the "Build Content";button:

Select the option, "Course Link"

The following screen allows you to set various options, as well as browse within the course for the relevant document/ file/ folder/ menu item.
Section 1 deals with the file location and properties while section 2 allows for date restrictions, statistics tracking etc.

2. Creating an Internal Text Link

It is also possible to add links to other parts of the course site within the blackboard text editor - this might be useful when adding some text to a page where you want to provide optional links in the text area.
From within the area you wish to copy FROM, right click on any menu item, folder or document link and select "Copy shortcut" from the context menu (NB:;Do NOT use the link that appears in the URL/Address bar). This will temporarily store the correct link into your windows clipboard.

From within the Blackboard text editor highlight the text (or image) that you wish to link from.; Once this is highlighted, click on the Add/Edit link in the toolbar.

This will then open up a box which allows you to paste the copied link

The text that was selected earlier will now be displayed as blue, underlined text.
If the item is then finished click Submit ;as usual to display it

NB:; If you are using html view (access by clicking <> in the toolbar) then you will need to enclose the link in Anchor tabs as follows
<A href="http:⁄⁄ ">Click Here<⁄A> to find out more about this procedure.
when you use the WYSIWYG editor, as;described above, these are inserted automatically

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