How do I make an archive or export of my Blackboard course module?

From within your module, click on the "Packages and Utilities" link within the Control Panel:

Select "Export/Archive Course" from the list of options:

Choose whether you wish to Export Package (export your course) or Archive Course.

To Archive
The next screen allows you to select whether or not to include the Grade Center histroy. ;You can also choose whether to simply copy links to course files or whether to also copy course content:

Click on Submit when you have chosen your options.

To Export
The Next Screen allows you to select whether to simply export the links to the course files or whether to also copy course content.

Section 3 of this screen allows you to specifically choose which material/content you want to export:

Click on submit when you have chosen your options.
Your export will be queued and you will receive an email once the process is complete. ;This usually takes a few minutes.
To open or save the file, navigate back to the Archive/Export screen. ;You may need to click on refresh.
Your exported package will now show on that screen, along with a date/time stamp.; Click on the chevrons next to the package and select an option from the list:

NB: Although you are able to save an archived course, you will need to contact the Blackboard team if you need to restore the archive.

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