How can I create groups and sign up lists in Blackboard?

Groups are a powerful function of Blackboard which enable you to group together students within a module for any number of reasons such as

    Seminar groups
    Group project work
    Participation in events

The groups tool allows you to create single groups or a set of groups in one form.; You also have the option of creating self-enrol groups where they students sign up themselves, manual enrolled groups where the lecturer assigns students to each group.; Alternatively,;with group sets you can have random enrol by Blackboard so that the splitting of students between the groups is completely random (useful for very large cohorts)
There are then options HERE;about how to display the groups to students within your course sites.
Creating individual Groups
To create, or manage, groups in a course site go to the control panel area to access groups:

This opens the group manager page listing any groups you have previously created - make sure that edit mode is ON

Here you will see buttons allow you to create groups or sets. ;All groups allows you to create an individual group, Group Sets allows you to create a set of groups. ;You can also see a Group Settings button which allows you control whether students are able to set up their own groups (a new feature in Bb 9.1).; Note also that most pages like this have a More Help link which is highlighted yellow;above - this provides context help about any page you are on.
Clicking on the Create button allows you to create a single group or group set:

Notice under the group set you have the additional option to create a ;Random Enrol group set
You will then be asked to provide group information (name, description and whether it is visible to students):

Section 2 relates to any tools you wish to be made available to students in that group. ;You dont have to make any available that you don't plan for the students to use:

Section 4 relates to whether you want your students to be allowed to personalise their group modules. ;Check the box if you want to allow this, or leave it blank.
Section 5 asks you whether you want to create a smart view for the group - this relates to seeing information specifically related to this particular group.
Section 6 allows you to add users to your group (assuming that you haven't selected random enrol or self enrol). ;To do this, click on the Add Users button and search for users. ;When you come across a user that you want to add to your group, check the box to the left:

When you have made your selections, click on Submit.
Any users you have added will be shown in the membership section, along with the button to add users or remove users.
Click on Submit when you are happy with your selections
Creating group sets
If you need more than one group as for sign ups you typically would, then you can do this in a single step rather than having to create multiple groups - students can only sign up to one group in each set you create.; Having selected the group set option you have the above with the exception of ;a new section which asks the number of groups you want to create, and whether you want to create smart views for each of them:

Enter the total number of groups needed and after clicking submit Blackboard automatically creates the groups for you. You will then need to give each group a name, and add users to them (unless you are using random enrol or self enrol):

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