How to create a practice Turnitin Assignment for students

Setting up a practice assignment in Turnitin allows students to make one or more attempts prior to the main submission and for them to see the originality report(s).  Note Turnitin refers to these as "Revision Assignments" and they do not impact on the main submission when it is made later.
To set up a revision assignment, the main assignment must already be set up in the course site - so if you don't already have this you will need to create it first.  To avoid any confusion for students between the two we strongly suggest that the start date for the main assignment is set to be AFTER the due date for the revision assignment. - this way the students will only see the revision assignment first and then will see the main one after the practice period is up.

    Assuming the main assignment is already set up then click on the blue "add assessment" button on the page where you want to locate the practice submission and select Turnitin UK Assignment as normal but on the first screen select "revision assignment" option
    In the next screen select the assignment it is based on (ie the actual assignment submission),
    add appropriate dates and any instructions for the students
    Decide whether they can make just one practice submission or multiple submissions (nb if you select multiple then you cannot specify the number of attempts)

    This shows how the entries will look to you (note that the main one is only available after the revision one expires so that the Students will only see the revision assignment initially)
    The student simply submits in the normal way using the view/complete link and then clicking on the submit button in the "Assignement inbox &amp  portfolio"

    The student then submits the file in exactly the same two step process as if they were making the final submission - the report may get generated anything from 1 minute to 24 hours later depending on how busy Turnitin is but when they go back in the Assignment inbox and portfolio they will see the submission and an option to "show details" - which they click on to view the full screen
    Note if you have allowed multiple submissions there is also a button to resubmit (this will overwrite the previous report each time)
    The expanded view will have an entry under "report" once it has been generated by turnitin and they click on the percentage indication to view the report
    They then see the viewer in exactly the same way as you would but inappropriate controls will not work for students
    As instructor you are also able to view the latest practice submission report in the usual way

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