Changing the USER language Pack

It is possible to set the language that is used to navigate Blackboard. There are a number of supported languages that can be selected by the user.
Changing your default language must be done from the main Blackboard Welcome page - so if you are currently logged in you will need to log out first before selecting a language. You will find a language selection box on the Welcome Page that looks like this:

Select your preferred language and press Go.
You should then see the welcome page again but with the main controls in your chosen language.  There are a few points you should know before changing the language
To change back (or to another language) you should repeat the process but using your new choice in the above step - For English you have to select English UK
Note:  Language packs only translate the standard built in navigation tools - it will not translate any content or any navigation tools where the wording has been edited from the standard Blackboard terminology.

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