Creating Grade Centre Smart Views

Smart Views are limited displays of Grade Centre data based on selected criteria.  Blackboard generates a number of useful default smart views.  Instructors can also create their own by adding a set of criteria that reflects specific student activity and achievement in the course.
1)    Access Full Grade Centre from the Control Panel

2)    Click on the chevrons next to the Manage button and select Smart Views

3)    The default smart views are displayed on the Smart Views page.  Click on the one that you wish to view.  

4)    To create a new smart view, click on the Create Smart View button:

5)    Enter a brief name for the new smart view and a description if required.  You can also choose to add the smart view to your favourites which will display a link on the control panel, or you can add it as a favourite after you finish.

6)    Next, set the type of view you would like to add criteria to.  

7)    Set the criteria for the smart view. These settings define the students, and grade centre columns to display. (See above image)
8)    Select the status of the items to display from the Filter Results drop-down list.

9)    When you are ready, click on submit.
The new smart view displays on the Smart Views page.
You can add a smart view to the control panel by clicking its corresponding star icon in the Add as Favorite column.
The smart view can now be accessed from the Control Panel by following steps 1-3 above.

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