How do I manage/view Turnitin Assignments my students have already submitted?

Hopefully, if you have created an assignment and shown your students how to use it, you will arrive at the point where you need to view the submitted assignments and the plagiarism reports.; These instructions are designed to help you find and read reports rather than how to interpret or act on them.; It should be remembered that the information provided is simply an indicator to help identify possible plagiarism or copying, and does not constitute proof.
Details on how to view/manage Turnitin assignment are on this page- you may also be interested to view other related FAQs

How does a student submit a paper to Turnitin?

How do I Create a Turnitin Assignment?
Viewing Turnitin UK Assignment In Box
    To VIEW and MANAGE assignments which have been submitted you enter Turnitin UK by a different method to the one you use to create or modify them. You need to go to the module control panel, now situated under the course menu, and click "course tools" to expand that part of the menu - there you can select Turnitin UK Assignments (if your course is organised into groups you can also view assignments by groups)
    This will bring up a list of links to the assignments available in the module - click on the one that you want to view
    The next screen will show a list of all the students on the module and the assignments they have submitted - use the key below the image to find out more about what you can do on this page
    (1) This is the in box display you can use this menu to go to edit screen, produce a class stats report and set preferences such as how many records you see at once. The libraries tab is for use where you have created rubric sets - this is hardly ever used.
    (2) by selecting the check boxes alongside individual names you can perform the actions Delete, Download and move to on a number of items at once. Download is useful as it puts all the selected assignments in a zip file, each one clearly named. You also get the option to download them in original or PDF format - this is useful if the student has used a file you cant open. Ticking the box alongside the heading will select or deselect all.
    (3) this column lists the students; the name is a hyperlink that takes you to an individual record listing all the assignments in the module for that student
    (4) this list contains the titles that the students have entered for their submission or --no submission--
    (5) this shows the actual percentage and colour coding; - it is also the link to view the individual report
    The next columns will always be empty as we do not use Turnitin Grademark system
    (6) This is a link to download the original document (though you can also use the ticking method in point 1 to download several or all of them)
    (7) This is simply the internal Turnitin paper ID
    (8) This is the submission date - papers submitted late are listed in red and where no paper has been submitted by the due date the word "Late" will be shown in red
    NOTE most of the column titles are hyperlinks which you can use to re-order the list by that column.
    (9) The submit button allows an instructor to submit an assignment on behalf of an enrolled student OR for a student not in the class listing
    (10) If you find at any time that the list of students here is not the same as the current cohort of students; then click roster sync which will make sure that the list exactly matches the current enrolments. This is useful when you are using an assignment carried over from a previous year. (NB we strongly recommend you create new assignment entries for each year group)
    As already mentioned, you view a report by clicking on the link in item 5 above; - this will bring up an originality report like this example - again we have numbered the key features on the screenshot and detailed them below
    (1) This gives you general information about the paper - currently it is not possible to anonymize Turnitin reports
    (2) You can click this to exclude quoted work however this currently only works if the passage is contained in double inverted commas
    (3) You can exclude bibliographies though this can be hit and miss according to how the document has been formatted
    (4) This allows you select how the matches in the second column (6) are grouped
    (5) This column shows the assignment with the detected text highlighed - to the right is number which references to the the source column (6) Clicking on the coloured text in the assignment will change the view in column (6) to show the quote in context, or you can click on the link in column (6) to go to the complete source (eg web page)
    (6) As just mentioned this is the column that shows the sources - where the source is a paper already stored in Turnitin you will have a link to email the tutor concerned to see if they are willing to give you a copy - it will also show possible collusion between members of the class. To the right of each item there is a small grey box with a cross which allows you to exclude links where appropriate - the screen should refresh reflecting the change. You can still see excluded items by choosing to view all individual items using the selector (4)
    (7) buttons to print, refresh and save the report
    We suggest that you spend time familiarising yourself with the tools - Some staff use the submit button in the in box to upload examples of the notes and handouts you issue. This will give you the means to practice with the reports, give you a better feel for how the interface works and of course identify where students copy from your notes!

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