What outcomes are not available at Appeal?

The following is a short, non-exhaustive list of outcomes that are NOT available at appeal:


  • Increasing marks or classification to take into account extenuating circumstances (e.g. adding marks to an assessment/module to take into account extenuating circumstances or increasing a classification). If successful on appeal based on extenuating circumstances you will be offered another attempt at the affected assessment/s. 
  • Allowing a student to progress to the next level of study and undertake teaching/assessment for a module/s failed in the previous level of study (e.g. progressing to year three at the same time as undertaking failed year two module/s).
  • If you were awarded a repeat level decision but elected to repeat failed modules only for capped marks during the 2021/22 Academic session, then an appeal cannot uncap those marks.
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23-03-2022 16:14
Joanna Parketny
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