Guidance for submitting Appeals on the ground of Extenuating Circumstances - COVID-19 UPDATE

Do your extenuating circumstances match any of the specific circumstances listed in section 2.6 of the Appeals Procedure?



You need to provide information and evidence to show that:

(1) You had extenuating circumstances (see the University’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy for information about what circumstances the University will accept as extenuating circumstances).

(2) The date or period of time when the extenuating circumstances had occurred.

(3) How the extenuating circumstances had an adverse (i.e. negative) effect on particular exams or coursework which you sat/submitted/missed. You should also explain which exams/coursework had been affected and the date of these affected assessments.


You need to provide the same information and evidence listed in the left box (at 1-3), and 

(4)   You will ALSO need to provide information and evidence to show that at the time of your affected assessment(s):

(a)  You had had been unable to  determine whether or not you were fit to undertake the assessment(s);  AND/OR

(b)  You had a good reason for not notifying your College at the relevant time (see Section 2.4.6 of the Appeals Procedure for more information about this).


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