Can I set a specific language for a particular module?

As well as each user being able to set their language preference, before they login, Instructors can set the navigation language for a particular module. This may for example be a useful tool for language courses.

To set this up is two easy steps:
From within your module, click on the; Customisation link within the Control Panel:

Select "Properties" from the list of options:

From this page you can set the language preference at Section 6 by selecting your preferred language from the drop down menu:

There are some points to consider before changing a module language

    If you choose a language this will override the default language (English UK) but if a user has specifically entered a choice of language this will be maintained unless you choose the "enforce language pack option"
    Be cautious only to set the Enforce option where you are confident that all your students will be able to navigate using the the chosen language - they are not able to change the language for your module if you have enforced it.
    The package does not translate any content - nor will it change edited menu items - so if for example you have already translated menu items into Welsh then it does not attempt to translate these again
    It does not create bilingual menus- if you need these you will have to create them yourselves through the edit course menu option.

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