Creating a Tool Link

You can help students access what they need by adding links to frequently used tools in different parts of your course.  For example, add links to My Grades and Email to the Course Menu.  Or in content areas, place relevant tool links near instructional content.
Creating a link on the Course Menu
To begin, go to the Course Menu and click on the plus sign contextual menu:

Select Tool Link from the drop down menu:

For the new tool link, enter a brief name, choose the tool type and check the box next to Available to Users:

When you have done this, click on the submit button.
The new tool link should appear at the bottom of the course menu.  If you wish to move it further up the menu, click to the left hand side of the menu item and drag it up or down until it is in the correct place:

Creating a tool link in a Content Area
Make sure that you are in the relevant content area, and select Tools:

Select Tools Area from the drop down list.  This link will let students access ALL the available tools:

Give the tool link a relevant name and put in the required options such as availability and date/time restrictions:
When you are done, click on the Submit button.

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