I owe tuition fees / accommodation fees / library fees to the University. How will this affect me?

The University policy states that you will not be allowed to enrol for the following academic year, or receive an Academic Award, whilst a Tuition Fee debt remains outstanding. If you owe the University money, it is important to communicate with the department who you owe the money to.

Ultimately, a University debt will need to be repaid and is just as important as a loan or a credit card. If you have a debt with Residential Services it is important you set up and maintain a reasonable repayment programme. If not, or if the debt is not being repaid quickly enough, your debt will be sent to a debt collection agency for the debt to be recovered. We would advise you to contact Money@CampusLife as soon as possible to discuss your options for dealing with this issue. 

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22-08-2019 14:59
Chloe Aspland
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