Customising the Grade Centre View

Instructors can customise their view of the Grade Centre by hiding columns to focus on specific data and reduce scrolling.  Hidden columns are not deleted from the Grade Centre and can be shown at any time.

You will need to be in the Full Grade Centre.  Select Grade Centre, and Full Grade Centre from the Control Panel:

Click on the chevrons next to the column you wish to hide and select Hide Column.

The column is now hidden.

You can restore the view of a hidden column from the Column Organisation page.  The Column Organisation page controls how different Grade Centre views are displayed. This can be accessed from the Manage button:

Check each column that you wish to show – hidden columns are greyed out.  Click on the show/hide drop down menu to show the relevant columns.

When you are ready, click on submit.

A success message appears.

The column is now visible in Grade Centre.

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