Adding and Managing Widgets in your Podcast

 A widget is a mini-application that can sit in your podcast.  Each widget will allow the user to view additional information or push information from the podcast to different places.

Ensure that you are in the relevant podcast

Click on Settings and then Widgets

You will then be presented with two tabs – one for the widgets that are currently in use, and the other displaying the available widgets.

Managing Widgets
To change the settings on a widget, or to remove it from your podcast altogether, click on the In Use tab.

Click on the widget you with to edit.  Any options available will show on the right hand side.  (These vary from widget to widget)

Make any changes and click on Save.  When you have completed all your changes, click on Finish.

Deleting Widgets
Click on the In Use tab

Click on the widget you wish to remove.  The options will appear on the right hand side.
Click on the Delete link in the top right hand corner

A confirmation box appears.  Click on Delete

When you are done, click on Finish.
Adding Widgets to your Podcast
There are several widgets available for you to add to your podcast:

Click on the Available tab

Navigate to the widget you wish to appear on your blog.  Each widget contains a brief overview.
Click on the relevant Add button

When you have finished adding widgets, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on Finish

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