Assessing your Blog

It is possible to grade the blogs, and have the results appear in the Grade Centre.  Details of how to enable your blog for assessment can be found in the guide “Creating a New Blog”.

Ensure that you are in the relevant blog
Click on the Settings Button and select Assessments .  

The resulting screen will give you a basic summary of entries, views and comments.

A slightly more detailed list is displayed underneath, showing individual contributors and a breakdown of their entries.

*Note* only those who have accessed the blog will appear in this list:

To grade participation, click on the Grade Centre button.  This will take you to the full grade centre.  (This will open in a new window).

Scroll across to the relevant column and click in each cell to enter the relevant grades.

Once you have entered the grades, you can click on the chevrons and select the Quick Comment option.

The Grade Centre saves as soon as you click outside each cell, so once you are done, close the browser window.

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