Creating a Rubric

A rubric lists evaluation criteria for a test or assignment.
Rubrics enable instructors to assign grades consistently and offer valuable feedback to students.
1)   Ensuring that you are in the relevant course, click on Course Tools in the Control Panel and select rubrics
2)    Enter a name and description for the rubric.
3)    Rubrics are made up of rows and columns.
      The rows correspond to the criteria.
      The columns correspond to the level of achievement expressed for each criterion.
      Rows and columns can be added or removed to suit the specific needs of your rubric.
4)    You can edit the text for rows and columns as well.
5)    Enter the information for each cell in the rubric.
6)    You have the option to show the points or point range associated with each cell of the rubric.  Enter the points or range into the relevant cells within the rubric
 7)    When you are done, click on Submit.  The new rubric will appear on the Rubrics page.
In Grade Centre, you can select a Test or Assignment column and associate a rubric with it.
When you want to grade that column, you can view the rubric in a separate window while evaluating students’ work.

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