What is the difference between mid-module and end-module feedback?

End-of-module feedback is compulsory for all modules, excluding dissertation/major project modules and short modules.  The surveys have a standard question set for all modules which includes 3 Key Performance Indicator questions which inform the data for the Professional Development Review (PDR) for academic staff. 

End-of-module feedback runs during the last 4-6 weeks of a module, in any term.  

Mid-module feedback is voluntary for all modules.  There is a suggested question set for mid-module but Colleges can create bespoke question sets if they wish.  However, there is a maximum of 7 questions. 

Mid-module feedback does not feed into the PDR process. 

Mid-module feedback runs at the mid-point of a module, in any term. 

For more information, please see the module feedback webpages:

Staff: https://staff.swansea.ac.uk/professional-services/academic-services/student-partnership/module-feedback/

Students: https://myuni.swansea.ac.uk/student-voice/module-feedback/

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