How do I create a Turnitin (plagiarism detection) Assignment in Blackboard?

How do I use Turnitin assignments for plagiarism checking?

Submission pages for your students to submit their assignments to the Turnitin UK Plagiarism Detection service can be created within any Blackboard module. This submission should be in addition to the official University submission process - currently this will normally be a paper copy handed in by the due date and time. Assignment papers submitted to Turnitin are held on their servers in the;UK;but not locally on our own systems, therefore should not be relied on as archives.; Currently there are no regulations in place at Swansea governing electronic submission of marked assignments. There is a separate assignment submission tool in Blackboard, but currently SU have no regulations governing electronic submission, therefore anyone wishing to rely solely on electronic submission should take advice from the examination office.

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Creating a Turnitin UK Assignment;;

Assignments can be set up in any content area in Blackboard however we strongly recommend that for consistency they should be placed in the default "Content Area" called "Assignments" which is accessed from the main course menu making sure that you have edit mode set to ON

Select TurnitinUK Assignment from the menu which opens when you click the;grey button "Create Assessment"
N.B. Be careful to select the "TurnitinUK Assignment" from the list that drops down
The first screen will ask you for the type of assignment - you should leave the default paper assignment
This will open the Add Turnitin Assignment page; (which is an external web page that can be slower to load than normal Blackboard pages)
This is what you need to to to set up the assignment (numbers in brackets refer to the keys in the picture)
    (1) Leave the default "Paper Assignment
    (2) Enter an assignment title so that the student will know that it is the right one
    (3) Enter the first date on which students can submit (it will not be visible to students until this date) and the due date and time for submissions - You also need to enter a "post date" which we suggest should be one day after the due date
    (4) You can enter in the box any special instructions for your students (eg a reminder to submit the paper copy as well)
    (5) There are some new options here to exclude bibliography, quotations (in single or double quotes only) and very short matches - these are all options for you to determine
    (6) We strongly recommend that you set YES to allow late submissions, otherwise students will not be able to submit a paper after the time you set in step 3. Any that are late will be clearly marked late in red when you view the report summary screen. The other options can usually be left as the default
    (7) For Turnitin the submit button is at the top of the screen - you entry is not saved until you submit.
 That is your assignment set up ready for students to submit - Please note that students can only submit one document against an assignment so if an assignment is in two parts then you need to create an assignment entry for each one.
  As you know module content (including Turnitin assignments) is carried over from one year to the next -we strongly recommend setting up new assignment entries for each year group. You can either delete the entry for the previous year (it will still exist in the previous year's back up) or you can make it unavailable to current students by modifying it and selecting "no" to the late submissions.
    Modifying a Turnitin Assignment
To modify or change an assignment go to the area from the course menu (usually assignments) and click the chevron button alongside the item to open the context menu - the first item "edit" will take you to the Turnitin assignment edit page - however note that other standard blackboard content item controls such as adaptive; releaese are also available to you

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