How do I receive feedback from Turnitin


Feedback from Grademark becomes available for you to collect online after what is known as the “Post- date”. This is a date and time specified by your College or lecturer.  If you are unsure as to the Post Date for your assignment, please contact your lecturer or College Office.

No-one in the class ought to be able to access their feedback until the Post–date has passed.

Accessing Feedback

Once your Post-Date has passed, you can collect your feedback.
To do this  login to Blackboard with your usual username and password.
Select the module in which the assignment was set from your list of current modules.
Click the “Assignments” (or similarly named, again, the actual term is college dependant) tab in the left hand menu.
Find the correct assignment in the list and click on “View/Complete”.
On the new page, click on the “View” button.

A new window will pop up, showing your assignment in the document viewer.
This will display your script on the left hand portion of the screen.

To scroll through the script use the vertical scroll bar between the script and the General comments side pane.

If the text appears as too large or too small, this can be zoomed in or out by using the small scroll bar in the Bottom bar of the doc. Viewer.

Depending how your marker has worked, you may notice comments, or blue boxes left in your paper. The blue boxes contain further comments. Hovering your mouse over the box will cause it to expand, showing the comment that had been left. These comments are the equivalent of those that would have been written onto the paper by the marker back in the days of hard copy marking. 
In the right hand Pane you will find the General Comments section. This is where the marker will have left their overall impressions of the essay/assignment.


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