What do I do when a mixed content warning appears?


Occasionally in Blackboard you may get a mixed content warning like this; (this will now only likely work in Internet Explorer as newer versions of Firefox/Chrome make it virtually impossible to change - they simply refuse to display mixed content.; The short terrm solution is to use Internet Explorer or right click on a link and "open in new window" but please also draw your lecturers attention to this article and the link above so that they can edit their links

This is because Blackboard is a Secure Website but often links are made to normal websites that do not have SSL security. This is normal and it is always OK to click YES.
In Internet Explorer you can prevent this message appearing by clicking on menu items tools / Internet Options and selecting the security TAB

Select Custom level and then scroll down the list in the next screen to enable displaying of mixed content as shown below - then click OK and OK again on the confirmation screen.

On some university owned PCs you may not have the necessary rights to be able to make this change permanent

Due to the way that modern browsers are changing their security links to content placed in Blackboard should ideally go to a site that begins HTTPS://; (secure site) rather than HTTP:// (insecure site) Blackboard is obviously in a secure environment.; In the past it was possible to make the changes shown above but increasingly browsers do not allow you to do this, or obscurely hide the controls.; The recommendation is that all links to content in blackboard should go to a secure site.; Many websites have a secure alternative to the www address for example if you type HTTPS://www,youtube.com you are taken automatically to youtube's secure site and a small padlock appears in front of the url.; However others, like the BBC do not and if you type HTTPS in front of their address it simply redirects to the normal http site (no padlock displayed).; If you are not sure about a site then try opening it first in a browser using HTTPS://; followed by site address.; If it has a secure URL then the HTTPS will stay and the padlock appears - this is the one you should use as a link in Blackboard.; If it doesn't have a secure site you will either get an error message or the site will open without HTTPS or the Padlock - in this case set the link to open in a new window or tell users to right click and open in a new window.

Services which integrate with Blackboard should automatically be set to go to HTTPS sites however you may find that videos uploaded from eStream before September 2013 will not open in some browsers (Firefox or Chrome) - if you find this happening it is easy to rectify.;
1) Find the item in blackboard and click the edit drop down button to select edit
2) Don't make any changes in the WYSIWYG editor - instead look for the link "HTML" in the toolbar and click this to open the HTML code in a pop up window
3) Although the code may look complicated you only need to find one thing which is the link to the video which is normally in the 3rd line of text and begins; src="http://videostream.swan.ac.uk...........";;; ALL you need to do is click between the "p" and the colon and insert the letter s - so it reads; src="https://videostream.swan.ac.uk"; then click update button at the bottom of the window which should close
4) Now press submit button in the main edit window and that is done.
5) to check it works try viewing the video in Blackboard using a browser that wasn't displaying it before - eg Firefox.
IF you should mess it up - don't panic - just delete the whole item in Blackboard and create it again using the eStream mash up that you find under the build content button

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