Adding Digex Scans to Courses

The library operate a service called DIGEX to scan documents for you which have been cleared under the CLA license (for more information please visit their;;copyright page here).
The;Document Supply;team will;upload the scans to ;the Course Files area for your module in the Blackboard Content System and will advise you by email.; You then need to deploy a link to the content wherever you need it in your module/course site as follows:-

Navigate to your module/course site in Blackboard in the normal wayFirst Select from the menu the area where you need to locate your link and use the Build Content Menu to Select "Item"
This brings up the familiar add content item form - In Section 1 you add a title and optional description

Next scroll down to Section 2 and click "Browse Content Collection" button

This will open the Course Files area for your site - Look for a folder called Digex Scans and click on the link to it to open it -;

Tick alongside the item you want to link to and click submit

After submitting you may get a message explaining that you are giving read permissions to users on the course - OK this

This will take you back to the add item form where you can set availability and tracking options as normal before;Submit
 After submission the link will appear as a normal content link to students

You can create more than one link in different areas of;a course site but Scans should only be used in the course site which you have clearance for.

You must renew your scan requests each year otherwise the content will get removed from the course files;area causing the links to;be broken;

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