Attaching a file to your blog post

It is possible to add attachments to your blog using the WYSIWYG Editor.

Ensure that you are in the relevant blog

Click on Add New Entry and give your blog post a title.  

The area of the WYSIWYG editor outlined in red is the relevant area:

These are (From left):

Insert/Edit link – This allows you to link to a document or web page, and also to change the link once created
Insert/Edit image – This lets you insert an image file either from your PC or from a website such as Flickr
Insert/Edit video – This allows you to insert or embed video files into your blog.
Upload file – This lets you navigate your computer and upload a single file as an attachment
Add anchor – This allows you to link within a page (if you have a long page, it means that you don’t have to scroll)
Underneath the text editor, you may enter some text to accompany your attachment, or you can simply attach your file's using the icons explained in the image above

When you have added your attachments and written your blog post, click on Save

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