What are extenuating circumstances?

Extenuating circumstances are temporary or short-term difficulties/problems affecting you. For example:

  • Serious accident or illnes
  • Stress/anxiet
  • Death of a close friend or relative
  • Personal problem
  • Family problems such as divorce

The University recognises that students may experience specific difficulties during the current period, including, but not limited to:

Remote working:

Students may experience difficulties working remotely, such as accessing materials. During this period, the University will accept extenuating circumstances applications based on technical difficulties, including Wi-Fi, access to systems, technology failure and limitations.




Self-isolation may affect a student’s ability to complete or submit a piece of work. The University will accept self-certification for up to 14 calendar days for self-isolation.


Caring responsibilities/domestic difficulties:

The University recognises that students may have caring responsibilities or experience domestic difficulties that may impact upon their ability to prepare for/undertake assessments during this period. The University will consider applications sympathetically.

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