How do I change my password?

Staff and Students log in to blackboard using their normal network credentials which is the first part of email address (for students just the student number) together with your current password.

It is not possible to change your password directly in Blackboard and you should instead go to and follow the instructions there to change it.

Note this change will affect all systems such as open access PCs, Intranet and wireless accounts, not just Blackboard.

Students have a single sign on option by logging in at where they should find that links take you into other services, including Blackboard, without needing to log in again.

External users with accounts set up only on Blackboard; should use the ID and Password they have been given. These external passwords can be changed in Blackboard by clicking on your name in the very top bar - select Settings near the bottom of the drop down menu then Personal Information and Change password.(if you have a university network/email account then this process will not work even though it may appear to.
For all further help with password and/or login please contact or call at the Customer Services desk in the library

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