Creating a Mashup Tool

The Blackboard Mashup feature allows you to find content outside of Blackboard and bring it into your course.  Mashups provide a simple way to add multimedia to your course without having to create it yourself.
Adding a mashup to an existing Content Area
1) Make sure that you are in the relevant content area, and select Build Content
2) Select the mashup tool that you require (youtube, slideshare, flickr etc)  area by clicking Build Content.  Content from different sources is available through the Mashups feature:

3) Search for the relevant content following the on screen prompts.  The next screen allows the user to choose how the search functions interpret keywords in the search.  You can also search by language.
4) When you have finished, Click Go.
Searching for Content outside a course
The search engine displays a number of options which meet the defined search parameters.  To find the best selections for your course, use the sort functions.
Displaying Video (YouTube) Mashups in the Content Area
1) Use the Preview button to see the content before adding it to the course, and click on Select to add the content:

3) You have the option to enter a description for the mashup.

4) Now, set the view options for the mashup.

5) There are a few options available, as per the expanded list in the image above:
i) The Thumbnail option displays a small player that enlarges when clicked.
ii) The Text link displays text that expands to a player when clicked.
iii) Embed video displays a full size player in the content area.
6) You can also choose whether to show the video URL and the YouTube information to students, or you can attach a local file to the mashup and set the availability options
7) When you are done, click on Submit. The Mashup will appear at the bottom of the Content area.

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